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Adam Hale

The Inspiring Journey of Adam Hale with Golden Memorial Insurance

In March 2008, amidst the tumult of economic adversity, one individual's story stands as a beacon of resilience and triumph. Adam, a determined entrepreneur, faced adaunting reality: his mortgage business had shuttered, leaving behind a trail of financial wreckage. With three houses in foreclosure, two cars repossessed, and a formidable tax debt looming, Adam found himself at a crossroads, grappling with uncertainty and despair.

However, in the midst of darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged. Adam received a fateful call from a former real estate client, presenting an opportunity that would redefine his future. Golden Memorial Insurance, renowned for its commitment to excellence and unwavering support, extended an invitation for Adam to join their ranks as an insurance agent.

Despite the gravity of his circumstances, Adam dared to dream of a brighter tomorrow. Inquiring if it was possible to achieve a remarkable $150,000 in his first year, Adam was met with reassurance and a clear path forward. Golden Memorial pledged to provide the tools, training, and guidance needed to realize this ambitious goal, on one condition: Adam would have to embrace their proven system wholeheartedly and devote himself tirelessly, committing to a grueling 70-hour workweek.

Undeterred by the challenges ahead, Adam embarked on his journey with Golden Memorial, fueled by determination and an unwavering resolve to reclaim his financial footing. Through sheer grit and the meticulous execution of Golden Memorial's blueprint for success, Adam swiftly ascended to become the top-performing agent in the country within his inaugural month.

By April 2008, Adam's efforts bore fruit, as he facilitated 62 applications totaling$35,995 in new business, yielding a substantial income exceeding $17,000. Notably, these achievements were obtained exclusively through Golden Memorial's lead generation system, underscoring Adam's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Adam's meteoric rise continued unabated, culminating in his elevation to a managerial position by the end of his first year. Empowered by Golden Memorial's guiding principles, Adam imparted his knowledge and expertise to his team, catalyzing their collective success. Under his leadership, the group flourished, achieving unprecedented milestones and solidifying their position as industry leaders.

Today, Adam's group stands as one of the foremost final expense agencies in the nation, distinguished by their rapid growth and unwavering commitment to excellence. Their journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and the enduring legacy of Golden Memorial's ethos.

In closing, Golden Memorial reaffirms its commitment to integrity and excellence, pledging to never make promises that cannot be fulfilled. Adam's remarkable journey embodies the essence of Golden Memorial's values, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Numbers don’t lie, so here are my income results:

2008 - $121,511 (1st 9 Months Licensed)

2009 - $284,345

2010 - $395,399

2011 - $690,682

2012 - $1,004,611

2013 - $1,479,650

2014 - $1,942,570

2015 - $2,323,465

2016 - $2,528,045

2017 - $2,687,457

2018 - $2,665,164

2019 - $2,757,915

2020 - $2,838,454

2021 - $3,355,553

2022 - $2,241,958 (Through July-$320,279 Per Month)

Since embarking on a career selling final expense insurance with Golden Memorial, an impressive sum nearing $25 million in Personal Gross Income has been achieved. Additionally, Adam has secured $8 million in Residual Income, securing a lasting legacy for his family.

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