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All of this can be achieved with a career at Golden Memorial

Be your own boss

Travel the world

Own your dream car

Never miss family time

Buy what you want

Gain financial freedom

GM Benefits

Your benefits explained

Commission within 24 hours

No waiting weeks to be paid — payments hit your bank account within 24 hours.

Exotic incentive trips

Top producing agents enjoy exotic trips to Hawaii, Greece and more.

Health and dental coverage

Receive health and dental coverage for you and your family.

Proven lead system

Agents receive exclusive TV, direct mail and web leads — never recycled.

Sell a product you can trust

With an AM best A- rating, you can trust our product is the best in the nation.

Set your own work schedule

Be your own boss — work when and where you want.

Lead financing available

We finance your leads so you have no upfront costs.

Competitive commission

Most of our contracts come with lifetime renewals and competitive commissions.

Vested Renewals

As you grow your book of business, your vested renewals grow as well.

Liberal underwriting

With a one page application, minimal health questions, and no physical exam required, we can insure just about anyone.

Earn residual income

Get paid the same day

Golden Memorial Agents get paid on commissions, renewals and residual income.

Every time you sell a Golden Memorial plan you get paid within 24 hours!

Retirement doesn't mean the end of your money-making chapter, it's the beginning of a new one! Our residual model allows our agents to have a steady stream of income after retiring from Golden Memorial.

Most of our contracts come with lifetime renewals. Not all life insurance companies offer lifetime renewals. Your renewal percent may increase when your contract increases. Vesting requirements apply.

We finance your leads

We finance your leads with no up-front cost

As a contracted agent with Golden Memorial you have access to our quality lead financing system.

We offer a multitude of leads that include but are not limited to direct mail leads, digital-web leads and TV leads.

How does our lead program work? A small portion of your commission will be withheld to cover lead charges and charge-backs you may acquire.

We have a straight forward lead ordering process.

#1 training program in America

Train with the best agents in the industry

Train with industry leaders at Golden Memorial for FREE and receive guidance from the best in the field.

Whether you start as a field agent or aim to build your own agency, our program supports your career goals.

We know hands-on experience is what helps you grow as both an individual and with our team. Prepare yourself for an enriching journey that fosters your development and skills, regardless of prior experience.

In-house office support

We service your policies so you don’t have to

Our Policy Service team helps with policy retention efforts, ensuring that your clients stay satisfied and renew their policies.

The Underwriting team ensures swift and accurate policy approvals for your clients, reducing waiting times and enhancing client satisfaction.

Unlike other agencies where agents handle underwriting and policy services independently, at Golden Memorial, you have a dedicated team to support these processes, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on sales and client relationships.

We saved over $1,000,000 in policies last year!

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